apparently my boss’s mother in law thinks he’s super powerful and important and so she sends him emails like “tell barack to fix this!!” 

today was my last day visiting the LDS church this summer! iit was interesting learning about LDS and while i don’t particularly agree with all of the church’s teachings but i do admire a lot of their principles. plus, everyone is just so nice and positive that it’s inspired me to approach my own thinking differently

this is why i like being in different places around the country. i become a little less stupid about the world each time i move somewhere

this entire time i thought reddit was full of MRAs but i actually just got solid career advice on reddit just now! how cool

You’re favorite is problematic: me


  • too beautiful

never in my life have i been so hyper aware of my asian identity

whether i’m in starbucks and some random dude just walks up to me and asks me if i’m japanese and starts babbling about his upcoming trip in japan despite me saying “no i’m chinese” and not knowing wtf he’s going on about

or a guy who wants to practice his chinese stops me in the middle of a conversation to talk to me in chinese

???????? is me being asian that interesting ?????? i also like parks and rec but nobody talks to me about that

you know you have hit your lowest point of being low when you start procrastinating your showers