i’m really proud of my little brother. my mom is recovering from surgery and my grandparents are leaving soon for china and he’s just really stepping up around the household and being so sweet in general. i was talking to him today and it really reminded me of how young yet how mature he is at the same time

good job justin for not being a shitty 11 year old like i was. i think my parents really deserve him

You guys can come to office hours and ask me anything. I mean I mostly know math but …
― my math333 professor

If you have ‘passion’ for something, it means you haven’t really pushed yourself hard enough to see its dark side. You haven’t tasted failure. You think you’re good at something, so you really like it. You like the feeling of being good at something. That’s ‘passion’.

'Passion' is not an indicator of whether you should do a PhD. It is an indicator of how much you are wallowed in your comfort zone.

  • Mewtwo:i see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant. it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
  • Mew:mew
  • Maybe what we need is a 5’8, light-skinned, Harvard-bound, star tennis player/violinist/poet that volunteers at the local pet shelter, bakes amazing blueberry muffins, speaks with a Mid-Atlantic accent, has a white name, who has never taken a photo with anything other than a thumbs up and a smile, and just recently published a groundbreaking cure for cancer in Science.

    And we need him to die. Someone needs to find this boy, and kill him in public. It’s our only hope.

    I’d offer myself, honestly. I would. But I got a D in Calculus once, so I don’t think I qualify. I’m not good enough.

    Face it black people, Michael Brown let you down.

    apparently my boss’s mother in law thinks he’s super powerful and important and so she sends him emails like “tell barack to fix this!!”